Stories from our clients


 "Hi, my name is Pearle Carnevale.  I have to tell you that since my teeth have been cleaned, I feel like a new dog!  I wasn't feeling well and had very bad teeth.  Two years ago, Dr. Wright told my parents that I really needed to have my teeth cleaned.  Unfortunately, they did not take him seriously.  Maybe if they had listened, I would not have had to have so many teeth pulled when they finally had them cleaned this year.  My family can not believe the difference in me.  I am not so cranky or tired, and best of all, my breath smells great!  So when the awesome doctors at Clermont Animal Hospital mention teeth cleaning, do it!  It does make a difference!"


"My name is Whiskers I am the handsome cat on the right and my mother is the lovely cat next to me, her name was Precious. Both Precious and I have been patients of Clermont Animal Hospital since we moved to Clermont in 1995. Unfortunately, the pet god needed my mom "Precious" more than me, so she left us on July 3, 2008. Since then I am trying to learn how to take care of myself, yes my mom Precious would cover up my stuff in the litter box after me and unfortunately my human mother has not been willing to do this for me. Although Clermont Animal Hospital is not my favorite place to visit, they have been very nice and kind to me when I have not been feeling the best. Dr. Gravatt, Jenn, and Monica have always taken extra special care of me, along with the rest of the staff. Ms. Susan Savage, the hospital administrator, took an interest in me after I was diagnosed with cancer after surgery, February 13, 2009. If you are not feeling the best or just need a checkup on your health, you should go visit the people at Clermont Animal Hospital for the best pet care around."

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