We're pleased to offer the following services at Clermont Animal Hospital:


Our appointment book is computerized which allows us to efficiently make appointments for you and your pet. Our receptionists and team will attempt to accommodate all requests to the best of our ability. We are open for drop-offs and surgeries at 7 am.  Our regular scheduled appointments start at 8 am.  We also offer Saturday appointments for your convenience.

Wellness Exams

We recommend all clients to schedule yearly wellness exams with their pets.  At these exams we offer a lifestyle questionnaire to determine if and what vaccines may be needed for each individual situation.  A complete physical exam is done, along with a fecal test, and for the canines a blood parasite screen. Thorough check-ups and preventative care can help alleviate serious health problems.  For those patients greater than seven years of age we recommend a senior wellness blood screen which includes a urinalysis.  This is a general screening to catch early disease and add quality years to your pet's life.  We also discuss weight and any dietary or exercise changes that should be altered.  Remember one year in their life equals several years in our life.  Annual wellness exams are very important for continued quality of life. We also offer a wide range of veterinary services to keep your companions feeling their best:

Emergency & Urgent Care

Emergencies are accepted during business hours, as long as there is a Dr. available. We have a veterinarian and personnel on duty 6 days a week who are trained and equipped to handle any urgent care your pet may need. Usually an emergency team consists of at least one veterinarian and several technicians working together and utilizing all the clinic resources.   If you feel you have an emergency with your pet, please call us or come to the hospital immediately. If possible please call before coming or on the way, so that the staff can be advised on your particular emergency.  We provide estimates for all emergency/urgent care, as well as surgeries and hospitalizations.  If you have not received an estimate, you are welcome to request one at any time for any expected charge.


We utilize the safest available anesthetics to provide an extra margin of safety for your pet.  The type of anesthetic used on your pet is determined by our clinic guidelines based on your pet's age and breed as well as a result of the preanesthetic bloodwork. 


We offer routine procedures; spays, neuters, declaws, as well as having the ability to do more complicated soft tissue, including abdominal and mobile specialist for orthopedic surgeries. We use laser technology for our surgeries.  Using the laser, we do routine surgery (spays, neuters, declaws) as well as other complicated soft tissue procedures.  The laser surgery allows for better healing and less pain for your pet.  All surgeries are monitored (pCO2, EKG, HR, Pulse) as well as using heated water blankets for the patient.  We use inhalation anesthetics (sevoflurane) with all surgeries except minor procedures.  All surgeries are provided with preoperative as well as post operative pain medication.

Laser Technology (Surgical and Therapy):

At Clermont Animal Hospital we use both the Surgical Laser and the Therapy (cold) Laser for the  benefit of our patients. The benefits of the Surgical Laser for the patients are: minimizes bleeding, swelling, less pain, reduced risk of infection and quicker recovery time. It is commonly used for such  procedures as: feline declaws, wart ablations, mammary tumor excision, skin tumor removal, oral tumors, ear surgery, certain ocular procedures, spay and neuters. The Surgical  Laser seals nerve endings and smaller blood vessels while cutting. The Surgical Laser also sterilizes the  surgical site as it cuts and minimizes tissue handling. This all reduces actual surgerical time as well as recovery time and pain for the patient. Our Therapy Laser uses different technology, FDA approved, to offer our patients a non-invasive, drug free, alternative to medications such as NSAIDS, steroids etc which can have undesirable side effects. The most common uses for the Therapy Laser  include: arthritis (hip, stifle, and other degenerative joint diseases), back pain  (intervertebral disc disease), trauma, wounds, post surgical pain relief with increased healing, and other inflammatory conditions (periodontitis, lick granulomas, idiopathic cystitis).  Read more about laser therapy here:


Periodontal disease is considered one of the most common ailments affecting small animals.  Good dental care can help your pet avoid periodontal disease and the possibility of more serious conditions of the liver, kidneys and heart.  We offer full dental care including preanesthetic bloodwork, dental digital imaging and scaling/polishing using state of the art equipment.


The importance of both regular imaging and dental imaging cannot be overestimated as a diagnostic tool.  Treatment decisions often rely on the visualization of bone (skeletal), soft tissue, and subgingival (50% of the tooth is below the gum line) pathology that only radiologic imaging can feasibly provide.  We offer both regular digital radiography and dental digital radiography to our clients/patients.  With digital imaging we obtain higher diagnostic images within seconds with less exposure to patients and staff.  We are also able to enhance the images for better diagnostic evaluation with digital technology.  Digital technology gives us the ability to e-mail images or copy to disc if needed for referral or immediate interpretations from specialists.  We are proud to offer this technology to our patients/clients.


We have a mobile board certified radiologist that comes in to perform our ultrasounds.  Ultrasound images are especially useful in detecting abdominal organ abnormalities, and are often able to provide a diagnosis when x-rays cannot.


We use a mobile board-certified veterinary cardiologist to perform our echocardiograms.  This will focus on diagnosing and treating disease of the heart and lungs.

Complete Laboratory Diagnostics

Our in-house clinical laboratory allows us to perform most tests within minutes after a pet is admitted to the hospital, saving valuable time in emergency situations and critically ill patients.  We can provide in-house serum chemistries (up to 17 individual tests in minutes), CBC, and electrolytes with our newest technology in bloodwork machines. We also perform urinalysis, fecal tests, blood parasite (heartworm plus other tick bourne diseases) screens, feline leukemia/FIV (feline immune deficiency virus) and other routine tests your pet may need.  We also utilize other available labs for more specialized testing as needed.


In the case that your pet would need to be hospitalized for treatment, our staff is qualified and caring.  We can provide necessary IV fluids, medications, and monitoring.  We have an oxygen therapy cage, heated cages, heated IV pumps and an isolation area.  Critically ill patients that may require continued care and monitoring can be referred to a fully staffed (doctors and technicians constantly on duty) /equipped emergency/critical care clinic during evening hours for professional constant monitoring.

Microchip Permanent Identification

In a perfect world, you never lose grip of the leash, your dog can't dig under the fence and pets never run out the door as soon as it is opened.  Unfortunately it happens, even if your pet "nevers goes outside".  According to the American Humane Society Association, less than 20% of lost pets ever find their way home.  Over 9 million are euthanized in shelters every year because their owners cannot be located.  There are ways to keep your pet safe.  Identification is the best way to increase the chance that your pet will come back to see you if they go missing.  ID tags are great, but sometimes they fall off.  Tattooing is permanent, but should be done by the breeder when they are first born.  The procedure can be done when the pet is older with sedation and moderate expense.  We offer "Save this life" microchip identification and registration onsite.

Nutritional Counseling

We are always happy to make recommendations for maintaining your pet's health and fitness.  We can prescribe supplements and foods that best suit your pet's lifestyle or special medical needs.  We carry prescription diets by Hill's & Royal Canin and you can also order from our online pharmacy.


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