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211 North U.S. Hwy 27 Clermont, FL 34711

Call to compare our in-hospital prices to online pharmacies  Heartgard_Plus_1_1.jpg         Advantage In-Hospital Product Special : Buy 6, get 2 free!!

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Our In-Hospital Products:

Instinct by Nature's Variety, a grain-free cat and dog food, both dry and canned (non Rx)

Wellness and Taste of the Wild

Science Diet and Royal Canin Rx diets

Rx products for heartworms: 

Heartgard for dogs

Trifexis for dogs (also kills fleas)

Advantage-Multi for cats & dogs (also kills fleas)

Rx products for flea/tick prevention:

Cheristin topical flea control for cats that lasts 30 days

Advantage II for dogs and cats, a topical killing fleas for 30 days

Comfortis for dogs, a tablet killing fleas that lasts 30 days

Advantix for dogs, a topical killing fleas & ticks, and mosquitoes that lasts 30 days

Advantage-Multi for cats, a topical killing fleas, heartworms, and ear mites for 30 days

Bravecto chewable tablets for dogs kill fleas & ticks for 12 weeks!

Seresto collars for fleas and ticks that lasts 8 months


Douxo Shampoos and sprays

Gentle Leader Head Collar, Lupine Collars and leashes (guaranteed even if chewed)

OraVet  dental chews

We also carry joint supplements, toys, treats, as well as a full line of Rx medications.

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